Diagrams and Graphs of Statistical Data

We have discussed the techniques of classification and tabulation that help us in organizing the collected data in a meaningful fashion. However, this way of presentation of statistical data does not always prove to be interesting to a layman. Too many figures are often confusing and fail to convey the massage effectively.

One of the most effective and interesting alternative way in which a statistical data may be presented is through diagrams and graphs. There are several ways in which statistical data may be displayed pictorially such as different types of graphs and diagrams. The commonly used diagrams and graphs to be discussed in subsequent paragraphs are given as under:

Types of Diagrams/Charts:

  1. Simple Bar Chart
  2. Multiple Bar Chart or Cluster Chart
  3. Staked Bar Chart or Sub-Divided Bar Chart or Component Bar Chart
    • Simple Component Bar Chart
    • Percentage Component Bar Chart
    • Sub-Divided Rectangular Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart

Types of Diagrams/Charts:

  1. Histogram
  2. Frequency Curve and Polygon
  3. Lorenz Curve
  4. Historigram