Measurements of Pyramids

  • Introduction to Pyramids

    A pyramid is solid figure whose base is a polygon and whose sides that meet in a common vertex. This common point is called vertex or apex of the pyramid. The triangular sides are called lateral faces. The altitude of a pyramid is the perpendicular distance from the vertex to the base. A pyramid is […]

  • Surface Area of a Pyramid

    The surface area of a pyramid consist of the lateral surface which is the area of the number of triangles which form the sides (or faces) of the figure along with area of the base, which may be any polygon. The lateral area of a right pyramid is the sum of the areas of the […]

  • Volume of a Pyramid

    The cube as shown in the figure illustrates the calculation of the volume of the pyramid. The opposite vertices of the cube were connected, the lines of connection, meeting at the center . This divided the cube into six congruent pyramids. The volume of any one the six pyramids. Such as equals one-sixth of the […]