Measurements of Prisms

  • Introduction to Prisms

    A prism is a solid whose ends, or bases, are parallel congruent polygons, and whose sides or faces are parallelograms. A straight line moving parallel to itself, its extremities traveling round the outlines of plane figures, generates the prism. Prisms are named according to the shape of ends of bases. A prism with a square […]

  • Lateral Surface Area of a Prism

    The lateral surface area of a prism is the total of the area of the faces. Lateral Surface Area Lateral Surface Area Lateral Surface Area Perimeter of the base Height of the prism Lateral Surface Area Perimeter of the base times the altitude Rule 1: The lateral area of the prism is equal to the […]

  • Volume of a Prism

    Consider the right prism as shown in the figure. There are as many cubic units in each layer parallel to the base as there are square units in the area of the base. Also, there are many layers of cubic units in the prism as there are linear units in the altitudes . We can, […]

  • Types of a Prism

    Cube: The cube is a right prism with a square base and a height which is same as the side of the base. Let be the side of the cube, then Volume of the cube area of base height       i.e. Total surface area of the cube area of six faces       i.e. The line joining the […]