Measurements of Cylinders

  • Introduction to Cylinders

    Introduction: Some curved surfaces may be defined as generated by straight lines which are thought of as moving and changing its direction continuously. Suppose that the line cuts a fixed curve , not in the same plane with straight line. If is allowed to move so that it always remains parallel to its first position […]

  • Right Circular Cylinder

    Right Circular Cylinder: A cylinder whose base is a circle is called circular cylinder. If the axis of the cylinder is perpendicular to its base then cylinder is called right circular cylinder. If is the radius of the circular base, is height, is lateral surface area, is volume and is perimeter of the base, then […]

  • Hollow Circular Cylinder

    The example of hollow cylinders is pipes, circular buildings and bearing bushes, etc. If is the outside radius of the cylinder and is the inside radius of the cylinder, then             (i)                     (ii)                    and being outer and inner diameter, is volume. Example: A well with 10m inside diameter dug 14m deep. […]

  • Surface Area of Cylinders

    (1) Right Circular Cylinder: Curved surface area = perimeter x height of cylinder i.e. Area of each of the flat surface, i.e., of ends i.e. Total surface area Example: Find the height of the solid circular cylinder if total surface area is 600 and radius is 5cm. Solution:             Here    cm             Total […]