Frusta of Solid Figures

  • Frustum of a Prism

    Frustum: When a plane section is taken of a right prism parallel to its end (i.e., perpendicular to its axis), the section is known as a cross-section of the prism and the two positions of the prism are still prisms. If, however, the plane section taken is not parallel to the ends, the portion of […]

  • Frustum of a Right Circular Cylinder

    If is the radius and is the height of the frustum, then (i)         Volume of the frustum of the circular cylinder                         i.e. (ii)        Curved surface area of the frustum                         (iii)       Total surface area = curved surface area + area of the ends                         Example: A circular cylinder, having a […]

  • Frustum of a Pyramid

    If a pyramid is cut through by a plane parallel to its base portion of the pyramid between that plane and the base is called frustum of the pyramid. Volume of Frustum of a Pyramid: A general formula for the volume of any pyramid can be derived in terms of the areas of the two […]

  • Frustum of a Cone

    If a cone is cut by a plane parallel to its base, the portion of a solid between this plane and the base is known as frustum of a cone. The volume denoted by in figure is a frustum of the cone . Volume of Frustum of a Cone: Since, we know that cone is […]

  • Zone or Frustum of a Sphere

    The portion of a sphere intercepted between two parallel planes is called a zone (i.e. frustum). (i) The volume of the zone (or frustum) of a sphere may be found by taking the difference between segment and the segment (see figure) that is Where is the altitude, and are respectively the radii of the small […]