Components of Hyperbola

The midpoint of the line segment joining the foci is called the centre of the hyperbola. In the given diagram F and F' are the foci of the hyperbola, O is the centre of the hyperbola.


The line through the foci of the hyperbola is called the focal length axis or transverse axis. In the given diagram X-axis is the focal axis of the hyperbola.
The line through the centre and perpendicular to the focal axis is called the conjugate axis of hyperbola, in the given diagram Y-axis is the conjugate axis of hyperbola.
The points where the hyperbola meets its focal axis are called its vertices V\left( {a,0} \right) and V\left( { - a,0} \right) are the vertices of the hyperbola. The two separate parts of a hyperbola are called its branches.



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