Area of Quadrilateral

  • Quadrilateral

    A quadrilateral is plane figure bounded by four straight lines. The straight line joining the opposite corners is called its diagonal. The diagonal of a quadrilateral divides it into two triangles. Perpendiculars on a diagonal from two opposite corners are known as its offsets. It should be remembered that the sum of all the interior […]

  • Area of a Square

    A square is a quadrilateral whose four angles are all right angles and whose all sides are equal. Let be a square with each side in length equal to and is a diagonal which divides the square into two equal triangles, and. Since, is a right triangle. Therefore Similarly, Example: A chess board contains equal […]

  • Area of a Rectangle

    A rectangle is a quadrilateral in which all the four angles are right angles and the opposite sides are equal in length. Let be a rectangle having and . Let be the diagonal which divides the rectangle into two right triangles, and . Example: In exchange for a square plot of land, one of whose […]

  • Area of a Parallelogram

    A parallelogram is a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are equal length and parallel. The diagonals of a parallelogram are unequal and bisect each other. If is a parallelogram then its area can be calculated in two ways: (a) When the base and height are given: Since, is a parallelogram with base, and height, Area of […]

  • Area of Rhombus

    A rhombus is a quadrilateral having all sides with unequal diagonals, which bisect each other. Note: If a square is pressed from two opposite corners, the rhombus is formed. Let be a rhombus then its area can be evaluated in two ways: (1) When one side and the include angle is given: Let one side […]

  • Area of Trapezoid

    A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two sides parallel and other two un-parallel. The parallel sides of a trapezoid are called bases. The altitude is the perpendicular distance between the bases. Let be a trapezoid whose sides and are parallel, and are un-parallel sides. Let and be the lengths of the parallel sides and be […]

  • Area of Cyclic Quadrilateral

    A quadrilateral inscribed is a circle is known as a cyclic quadrilateral. The proof is beyond the scope of this tutorial and will discuss in advanced tutorial, only the formula is given for application. If , , and are the sides of a cyclic quadrilateral and if , then Area of cyclic quadrilateral Example: In […]

  • Area of any Irregular Quadrilateral

    A plane figure bounded by four straight line segments is called an irregular quadrilateral. The area of any irregular quadrilateral ca be calculated by dividing it into triangles. Example: Find the area of a quadrilateral whose sides are , , and m respectively and the angle between the first two sides is a right angle. […]