Area of Irregular Figures

  • Introduction to Irregular Figures

    A figure which is not uniform and regular in shape is where an irregular figure. There are several practical situations where it is necessary to estimate the area of the irregular figures. For example, the areas of plots of land, areas of indicator diagrams of steam engines and area of ships by naval architects, etc. […]

  • Trapezoidal Rule

    To find the area of the as shown in the figure, the base is divided into number of equal intervals of width . The ordinates are accurately measured. The approximation used in this rule is to assume that each strip is equal to the area of a trapezium. Therefore Area of a Trapezium (Sum of […]

  • Simpsons Rule

    The most important rule, in practice, is the Simpson’s Rule, because of its simplicity and accuracy. When more accuracy is required, this rule should be used. To find the area as shown in figure, the base must be divided into an even number of strips of equal width , producing an odd number of ordinates. […]