Tutorial Area of a Parallelogram

Area of a Parallelogram


A parallelogram is a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are equal length and parallel. The diagonals of a parallelogram are unequal and bisect each other. If is a parallelogram then its area can be calculated in two ways:

(a) When the base and height are given:
Since, is a parallelogram with base, and height,

Area of the parallelogram Area of the rectangle


Area of parallelogram base height

(b) When adjacent sides and their included angle is given:
Since, is a parallelogram. Take and as its two adjacent sides with included angle .

Area of parallelogram
Area of
Area of Parallelogram Product of adjacent sides

Find the base of a parallelogram whose area is square cm and height cm.
Since, area square cm
height cm
Area of parallelogram base height
Base cm.

Find the area of a parallelogram, two adjacent sides of which are cm and cm and their included angle is.
Here, one side, cm, other side, cm,

square cm

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