Concept of Ratio

  • Concept of Ratio

    Sometimes, we have to deal with the quantities whose comparison is required. Suppose in a class of 45-students, 15 of the students are girls, 30 of the students are boys, and then we can compare the number of boys with number of girls in two different ways. 1. There are 15 more boys than girls […]

  • Uses of Ratio and Continued Ratio

    Ratio is used for calculating continued ratio, proportion, rates, percentage as well as continued proportion. Ratio can also be used for dividing the profit or amount between two or more people. For this we have the following process: First, we find sum of given ratios. Share can be divided by the following formula. Share of […]

  • Examples Uses of Ratio and Continued Ratio

    Example: A profit of Rs. 8920 is to be divided among four persons in the ratios 5 : 9 : 11 : 15 respectively. How much does partner get? Solution: Given Profit = 8920 Ratio between Share = 5 : 9 : 11 : 15 Sum of ratios = 5 + 9 + 11 + […]

  • Increase and Decrease in Ratio

    If the number of teachers in a college is increased from 50 to 60. Then the ratio of new staff and old staff is   We say that, number of teachers has been increased in ratio 6 : 5. In other words, no. of new staff is times the no. of old staff. Hence Rule: […]