Concept of Proportion

  • Concept of Proportion

    “A statement of equality of two ratios is called proportion” Four numbers a, b, c, d are said to be in proportion when the ratio first two a and b is equal to ratio of last two c and d.             i.e. or         a : b = c : d             e.g.      or         2 […]

  • Direct Proportion

    Suppose the price of one piece of soap is 20 Rs. If a person wants to buy one dozen pieces of soap, then he has to pay 240 Rs. If he wants to buy two dozen pieces of soap, he has to pay 480 Rs and so on. We can easily see that if the […]

  • Inverse Proportion

    Suppose that 20 men build a house in 6-days. If men are increased to 30 then they take 4-days to build the same house. If men become 40, they take 2-days to build the house. i.e. It can be seen that as the no. of men is increased, the time taken to build the house […]

  • Compound Proportion

    “The proportion involving two or more quantities is called Compound Proportion” Rules for Solving Compound Proportions CASE-1 If quantity 1 and quantity 2 are directly related and quantity 2 and quantity 3 are also directly related. Then we use the following rule CASE-2 If quantity 1 and quantity 2 are directly related and quantity 2 […]

  • Continued Proportion

    Quantities are said to be in continued proportion if the first is related to the second, the second is related to the third and the third is related to the forth and so on. If are in continued proportion then Example: Three persons A, B and C earned a profit of 70000 Rs in a […]