Concept of Percentages

  • Concept of Percentages

    Comparison of fractions is not an easy task, especially when the two fractions have different denominators. For example; if you are asked which of the fractions and is greater than the other. i.e. we want to compare, whether  is greater than or less than . Since, denominators of  and are different. To compare these fraction, […]

  • Expressing One Quantity as Percentage of Another Number

    In a school, 56 out of 70 teachers are female. What percentage of the teachers are females? What percentage of them is male? The fraction of female teachers in the school is 56/70 changing this fraction to percentage we have x 100% = 80% 80% of the teachers are female and percentage of male teachers […]

  • Percentage Changing

    The change in the value of an item can be expressed as a percentage increase or decrease of the original value. An increase of 5% in the salary of a men who earns Rs.500 per month. That means, there is an increase of Rs.5 For every hundred (100). i.e. after increase, Rs.100 becomes 105. Therefore, […]