Random Variable and Probability Distributions

  • Continuous Random Variable

    A random variable is called continuous if it can assume all possible values in the possible range of the random variable. Suppose the temperature in a certain city in the month of June in the past many years has always been between to centigrade. The temperature can take any value between the ranges to. The […]

  • Discrete Random Variable

    A random variable is called discrete if it can assume finite number of values. If two bulbs are selected from a certain lot, the number of defective bulbs may be 0, 1 or 2. The range of the variable is from 0 to 2 and random variable can take some selected values in this range. […]

  • Random Variable

    A set of numerical values assigned to the all possible outcomes of the random experiment are called random variable. The random variable can be briefly written as r.v. If we write A, B,…, F on the six faces of a die, these letters are not a r.v. If we write some numerical values on the […]

  • Examples of Random Numbers

    Example: Two balanced coins are to be tossed 10 times to record the number of heads each times. Use random number table to record the possible observations. Write the frequency distribution of the observed number of heads. Solution: Two digits of a random number table will represent the result of a throw of two coins. […]

  • Application of Random Numbers

    There are many uses of random numbers in statistics. One of the important uses is in the selection of a simple random sample from a finite population. Suppose there are 80 students in a class and we want to select 8 students at random. The students can be numbered from 01 to 80. Then we […]

  • Generation of Random Numbers

    Introduction: The word random is used quite commonly in our daily life. One may or may not know its meaning but whenever it is used, it conveys the sense for which it is used. An apple may be picked up from a shop at random. The customers enter a shop not according to some preplan; […]