Tally Numeral System

The simplest numeral systems which are ever used is called tally numeral system, in ancient people living in caves are used tally numeral for counting objects they have. In this system stokes (straight lines) are used to counting the objects, one single stoke is used for each object.

Now we shell show how to count the objects by using stokes, for example if we count 1, 2 or 3 objects.







As we know that every system has some advantages and disadvantages, in this numeral system has the only one advantage and two disadvantages. This advantage of this system is simplicity, while in disadvantages for large number it requires lot of stokes to represent as well as it will rather complicated to real such large number.

If we want to write 50 stoke it is very difficult to write such large number, to overcome this difficulty we make the group of five numbers, i.e. we place fifth tally mark diagonally every four numbers. For example, if we count 20 numbers using tally numeral system as. As you see that it is easy and fast to count the numbers using such grouping technique. We see this technique is widely used nowadays in statistics for the construction of frequency distribution against each frequency we use tally marks to count the frequency.