Basic Mathematics

  • The Arabic and Hindu Numeral System

    This is the history about 800 AD, the Arabic and Hindu numeral system has developed. Today this numeral system is very popular and widely used. Now we shall discuss the following four main attributes about this numeral system.             First in very basic it use ten digits or numbers symbol, all the numbers we see […]

  • Tally Numeral System

    The simplest numeral systems which are ever used is called tally numeral system, in ancient people living in caves are used tally numeral for counting objects they have. In this system stokes (straight lines) are used to counting the objects, one single stoke is used for each object. Now we shell show how to count […]

  • Egyptian Numerals System

    Around 3000 BC Egyptian had hieroglyphs based writing system. Hieroglyphs are the pictures representing words. By a little picture of a bird they would donate the word “bird”, but without further development this system writing cannot represent many words. Ancient Egyptians was use to spoken sound of words to demonstrate the idea with English sentence, […]