• Introduction to Business Math

    This link is concerned with interest, interest rates and their effect on the value of money. Companies pay millions of rupees as interest each year for use of money which they borrowed. We earn profit on money which we have invested in saving accounts, certificates of deposit etc… Interest is a fee (rent), which is […]

  • Introduction to Trigonometry

    Trigonometry is an important branch of Mathematics. The word Trigonometry has been derived from three Greek words Tri (Three), Goni (Angles), Metron (Measurement). Literally it means “measurement of triangles” The origin of trigonometry have been traced back to the Egyptians of the 13 century B.C., whose tables of shadow lengths correspond to today's tangent and […]

  • Concept of an Angle

    Two rays with a common starting point from an angle. One of the rays of angle is called initial side and the other as terminal side. The angle is identified by showing the direction of rotation from the initial side to the terminal side. An angle is said to be positive/negative if the rotation is […]

  • Measurement of Angles

    The measure of an angle is the amount of rotations required to get to the terminal side from the initial side. A common measure of an angle is derived by placing its vertex at the center of a circle of some fixed radius. There are two commonly used measurements for angles: Degrees and Radians Sexagesimal […]

  • Circular System

    There is another system of angular measurement, called the Circular System. It is most useful for the study of higher mathematics. Especially in Calculus, angles are measured in radians. Radian: Radian is the measure of the angle subtended at the center of the circle by an arc, whose length is equal to the radius of […]

  • Conversation of Radian into Degree and Vice Versa

    We know that circumference of a circle of radius is , and angle formed by one complete revolution is radian, therefore, Thus we have the relationship Further Example: Convert the following angles in degree: (i) radians (ii) Solution: (i) (ii) Example: Convert into radians. Solution: Most calculators automatically would convert degree into radians and radians […]

  • The Arabic and Hindu Numeral System

    This is the history about 800 AD, the Arabic and Hindu numeral system has developed. Today this numeral system is very popular and widely used. Now we shall discuss the following four main attributes about this numeral system.             First in very basic it use ten digits or numbers symbol, all the numbers we see […]

  • Tally Numeral System

    The simplest numeral systems which are ever used is called tally numeral system, in ancient people living in caves are used tally numeral for counting objects they have. In this system stokes (straight lines) are used to counting the objects, one single stoke is used for each object. Now we shell show how to count […]

  • Egyptian Numerals System

    Around 3000 BC Egyptian had hieroglyphs based writing system. Hieroglyphs are the pictures representing words. By a little picture of a bird they would donate the word “bird”, but without further development this system writing cannot represent many words. Ancient Egyptians was use to spoken sound of words to demonstrate the idea with English sentence, […]

  • Introduction to Basic Algebra

    Algebra is a branch of Mathematics, which was originated by an early Muslim mathematician “Muhammad Bin Musa Al-Khwarizmi”. He wrote a book on algebra “Al Jabar-wa-Al-Muqabalah”. The word algebra has been taken from the title of this book. “Al Jabar”. In arithmetic we deal with specific numbers while in algebra we deal with number as […]

  • Algebraic Expression

    Constants and Variables: The height of a tree is meters long and it grows cm in a year. Then its height after one year = meter cm Its height after years = meter cm Its height after years = meter cm Its height after years = meter cm Where represents an unknown number. From the […]

  • Algebraic Sentence

    Algebraic Sentences: We know that algebraic sentences give relation between two algebraic expressions. For example , in this sentence, it is stated that and have the same sense. Following are the few examples of algebraic sentences: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Types of Algebraic Sentences: Correct Sentences (True Sentences) Incorrect […]